VLA- Cellular Health Analysis

Cellular Health Analysis is a scientifically validated test that uses Bio-Impedance to accurately measure some key biological markers of aging. The test is straightforward, painless, and very accurate and takes only a couple of minutes. It works by passing a very small electrical current (which you cannot feel) into the body at the hands and feet and measures how much electricity is passed from the hand to the foot.

The VLA works with a software program which takes the machines readings and accurately calculates a range of body parameters including:

  • Body fat and muscle levels
  • Fat loss and muscle gain targetsBody fluid balance
  • Cellular function, which relates to energy levels, toxicity and healthy aging

Cellular health analysis allows us to not only measure how much muscle you have but also the quality of muscle you have. The quality of your muscle is important as good quality muscle is an indicator of good nutritional status and improves your cellular energy production. From this simple test we can also gauge where your body fluid is distributed, whether it is inside or outside of your cells. Ideally you want a higher amount of fluid inside of your cells to ensure they are well hydrated and thus able to produce energy and detoxify themselves, clearing toxins form the cell.

Cellular Health Analysis is scientifically validated with over 2000 published studies citing its use. It is one of the best tools available to determine how well you are aging and is an invaluable tool for assessing weight loss and muscle mass.

People who may benefit from the Vitality, Longevity and Health Ageing analysis include those who want to:

  • Manage their weight more effectively
  • Increase muscle tone and fitness
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support healthy ageing
  • Support the nutrition and health of their body.

The importance of regular VLA assessments whilst following a weight loss program should not be underestimated. Regular readings allow us to gauge your true progress, independent of what the scales are reading. A lot of weight loss programs initially work because you lose fluid, and over time your muscle tissue as well, rather than pure fat mass. Performing a VLA allows us to see if it really is fat you are losing and to monitor your muscle mass. Also when you are gaining in muscle, the scales may show no change or you may even become heavier as muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Again, having a VLA done will show us whether you have truly put on some fat or if you have gained some muscle.