Standard Medical Approach vs Integrated Medical Approach

The Standard Medical approach tends to be a ‘One size fits all’ treatment where medication is prescribed for existing symptoms only. Two individuals with the same symptoms are prescribed the same medication, even though the causes of their problem could be completely different.

Isolated Health Care – symptoms are treated in isolation, with powerful drugs. The cause of the problem is often ignored. When symptoms persist, usually more medication is prescribed. vs Tailor-made Treatment Every treatment is tailor-made to your needs as a unique, complete, human being and is based on thorough assessment and testing of each patient.

Multiple Patient Specialists – each doctor and specialist has a seperate file in which their own assessments and reports are kept. This can mean that information is not always passed on, leaving the other specialists out of the loop. vs Total Health Care Symptomatic support is valid – how it is done is most important. We aim to get to the cause of the disease. Diagnosis may include analysing past and present influences on an individual.

Short Term Fixes – Medication is prescribed to relieve patients from current symptoms quickly. Unfortunately, as symptoms persist, the strength and quantities of the medication increases…and so can referrals to expensive specialists. vs One Patient Manager We have ONE file per patient. This means that all specialists’ reports are available for consideration EACH treatment by EACH practitioner EVERY session. One session builds on another – this way everyone involved knows where they are all up to – including the patient.

Anti System – The medical system typically treats with an ’anti’ therapy – antidepressants, antibiotics, antacids, antifungal etc. Then the system is likely to shut down under the toxic load of drugs and chemicals and parts need to be cut out. vs Life-changing, Long-Term Solutions. Our goal at Osteopathic Health Clinics is to find the root of the problem and to help the individual improve their quality of life and sense of well-being. We believe everyone has a right to the best possible health care.

vs Pro ACTIVE System. Our method is pro-active. We assess your position and future risks and turn your health away from disease. Every person has an individual, uniquely, designed therapy that matches YOU!