Dr Graham Lyttle DO. MSc. FIMCA. MANPA. DC. Cert NET. Naturopath. Acupuncture. Cert Bioresonance Therapy.
Herbalist. Homotoxicology.

Dr. Graham Lyttle graduated as an Osteopath in 1965 making the Cranial Field his primary focus. Since then he has completed many postgraduate studies including Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Theology, Acupuncture, Homotoxicology, KinesiologyBioresonance Therapy and NET (a technique that helps deal with emotional blockages).

In 2007 he was invited to Germany to present a paper on and receive advanced training in Biomesotherapy which uses Homotoxicology as an outstanding modality in assisting the clearing of local or systemic chemical and structural imbalances. He uses this to assist in the repair of muscles, joints, ligaments and for damage to tendons. This can be combined with other methods learned in Europe that help produce healthy benefits for muscle tension, repair of damaged ligaments from sporting or simply daily stress or major trauma as in motor vehicle accidents. These methods regularly used in Europe have also produced amazing results with repair to damaged nerves – even after many years of chronic immobility and with acute pain, people have found resolution from the damaged nerve fibres and have been able to return to work and normal life.

Dr Lyttle offers an integrated health program, incorporating structural balancing, herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies. His extensive knowledge, together with his integrated approach towards wellness has seen him successfully help people with a wide range of conditions and injuries over more than four decades. His patients range from those in the acute stage of injury and pain through to more chronic cases where illness or injuries have persisted for many months or sometimes even years without relief often after ‘all-else-has-failed.’

His patient base includes babies through to the elderly, office workers through to elite sports people. Having a historic involvement with and a love for the Wallabies and Qld Reds rugby, one never knows who might be seen next around his clinic. However his care for the new born and early developing infant has set him apart as a unique practitioner for helping parents in great stress with unsettled or crying colic or reflux babies who are mostly resolved after just one visit.

His success in treating patients has seen his practice develop to one in which more than 90% of his patients have been referred by other patients – an endorsement which speaks for itself.

As founder and Director of the Performance Health Qld Clinic, Dr. Lyttle has been caring for patients for over 40 years.

To book an appointment with Dr Lyttle, contact us on 07 3861 0611 or phq@iinet.net.au.