Biomesotherapy is an advanced therapy that is particularly effective as a drug free alternative for pain management. It helps eliminate toxins and normalise an imbalanced system and can be an excellent adjunct to an osteopathic or massage consultation. Over 70 million biomesotherapy proceedures occur in Europe each year. It is a popular form of natural medicine.


People are often very surprised at the ease of the treatment. The needles are very fine. We use single use, sterile diabetic syringes. A sterile saline solution is inserted just under the skin or into specific points.

Treatment into and around joints is also common. For example, if you have elbow pain your practitioner will look for several painful spots in the arm muscles and may treat each one. In most cases several small treatments are given in a specific zone of the body each session.


Practitioners of Biomesotherapy are using a technique that adheres to strict technical guidelines. They have a duty of care as a professional clinician. This involves using the correct technique and sterile, disposable material.

The medicines used in Biomesotherapy may not be as effective as prescription drugs in the short term. Three or more sessions may be required before results are comparable. However many patients may receive immediate relief from pain and discomfort after their treatment.


Biomesotherapy stimulates the body’s own healing capacity. The body is encouraged to start healing itself. Many of the products used are formulated to relax muscle tension. Pain in the knee or hip region can have a muscular origin. This means it can be treated without touching the joint itself.

Another important area of Biomesotherapy is detoxification. Detoxification literally means cleaning the body. Toxins that have accumulated in the body from the environment, poor diet or from medication are able to alter the immune’s defense system resulting in inflammation. Toxins can also disturb the responses of your nervous system, causing pain and discomfort. These toxins are the reason why the body may not be functioning at its optimum level. Eliminating toxins is an important strategy, especially when dealing with chronic disease or pain.

Biomesotherapy helps eliminate toxins and normalise an imbalanced system. Some combinations of medicines are specifically used for this purpose and are used in conjunction with muscle point stimulation in oral preparations.


Biomesotherapy cannot heal all your medical problems and is not a miracle therapy. It is up to your practitioner to decide if Biomesotherapy appropriate for you. The majority of patients are treated with Biomesotherapy as an alternative for pain management.

Although there is pain relief, it is important to realise that Biomesotherapy does not suppress the symptom as with conventional medicine. It simply reorganises the body’s information to support a healing response. Pain is an important warning that something is wrong in the body. The source of the pain reaction must be addressed.

More than one treatment may be necessary for initial improvement. If your pain is recent it may be treated in two or three sessions. If the pain has been present for months or even years it may take several treatments.

Many practitioners use Biomesotherapy for minor orthopedic problems. These include neck and back pain, ankle sprain, sciatica, frozen shoulder and Achilles tendinitis. Biomesotherapy is also very successful in treating sports injuries.

This modality is often suggested for those who have tried orthodox medicine without success. Other patients experiencing medication side effects may be seeking alternatives. In some patients it may be advantageous to combine a conventional approach with Biomesotherapy. It is not necessary to stop your current pharmaceutical medication if this is prescribed by your doctor. If in doubt, always contact your practitioner for professional advice on whether this therapy is suitable for you. Each case must be assessed individually by a trained Biomesotherapy practitioner.


Biomesotherapy cannot heal cancer, heart disease or AIDS. It is also not suggested for the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression or epilepsy. In many cases, such diseases are too serious or too aggressive, and can only be stopped through modern medicine or surgery. When serious tissue damage has already occurred it is difficult to reverse the process and bring the body back into balance again. Biomesotherapy is indicated for particular conditions and physical symptoms.

Biomesotherapy is worth considering if it can help you with your personal health problems. Consult your practitioner for more information.

(With thanks to ASBRM).