Our Total Health Care Promise

At Performance Health Qld we specialise in wellness. We believe in the body’s innate natural ability to heal itself, when properly supported and nourished.

We consider your wider physical condition, past history, emotional factors, lifestyle and diet when assessing your current complaint. We do not simply isolate and relieve symptoms, but we work with you to discover the root of the problem, its basic cause. As all the organs and systems of the body are interconnected, we cannot support one part without influencing and changing the whole.

We find most problems fall into four categories:
1. Structural Distress
2. Biochemical Distress
3. Emotional Distress
4. Electromagnetic Distress

Our approach is an integrated one:
Every part of the body is seen and addressed within the context of the whole.
A Personalised Program is developed specifically for your individual needs
One primary care giver oversees your progress while you’re with us.

Through our professional and caring approach we provide a variety of health and well-being services tailored for your individual health needs, so your body can rebuild its natural abilities to heal, assisting you to achieve ’total wellness’.

Most of the conditions we see are significantly relieved after two to six treatments. Because of the gentle and versatile nature of our work, we have been able to help people of all ages and backgrounds, from newborn babies through to the elderly, office workers through to the elite sportsperson.

Our reputation has been built on trust and proven results with more than 90% of our business coming from referrals from our existing clients.

Servicing all of Brisbane