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Electro Magnetic Distress

Our bodies resonate with their own electromagnetic frequencies. This principle is used in many procedures today, such as ECG, EEG and MRI.

In our modern society we are constantly exposed to frequencies which are disharmonious to our own from microwaves, computers, mobile phones, high tension power lines, television and even medical tests. This causes an array of conditions including allergies and psoriasis.

Our primary tool in this area is BioResonance Therapy.

Your body gives out electromagnetic signals in the form of oscillations. The BICOM computer receives these signals via electrodes which are applied to the body. With an internal filter system the computer electronically changes the oscillations by mirror imaging. It then relays this new information back to the body, again via electrodes and also into the medication we provide for you. Your body accepts these new energy signals from the computer at the time of your visit.

Your medication is also charged with the same “energy”. Every time you use your medication you are updating and reminding your body of its new state and the body immediately reacts to this new information. This activates and strengthens your body’s self-healing power. Your body then regains control over its regulation and detoxification mechanisms which are vital for the immune system to remain at full strength.