Auto intoxication (self poisoning) is a primary cause of many conditions we see today. This is not deliberate. We are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals; food additives, fertilisers, preservatives, growth hormones (fed to livestock), vehicle exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, antibiotics, drugs and heavy metals all of which contribute to a toxic overload.

We are designed to cope with and eliminate these chemicals from our bodies; unfortunately in today’s society we are exposed to so many chemicals in such quantities that we simply can not eliminate them all naturally. They cause a wide range of problems:

Bowel Irritability (including Crohn’s & Ulcerations)
Hormonal Irregularity
Liver Toxicity
Chronic Fatigue

Many of these problems can be alleviated, or their severity reduced through the use of nutritional supplements and personalised diets incorporating nature’s food – organic vegetables and meat.